Openbox Solutions IncorporatedApplication Packaging

For organizations that want to repackage existing COTS applications or proprietary software into unattended packages for easy deployment, Openbox can work remotely or on-site to create a customized MSI package.  By augmenting existing staff, Openbox can expedite the overall development process while building an effective package that meets existing Windows Installer standards.

Using Openbox for your application packaging needs will reduce the cost of and give greater ROI eliminating the need for extra infrastructure, licensing, and additional on-site resources for this labor intensive and technical process. We have a per package pricing structure for our application packaging. This enables you to establish a rock solid budget for moving your applications to a new platform. It also gives your lines of business a fixed, consistent basis on which to engage your IT services going forward. When combined with our 100% workmanship guarantee, you can be confidently assured that your packaging will be completed on time and within your set budget. Peace of mind for a Project or IT Manager.

In many organizations, Application Integration is usually an afterthought resulting from an SOE upgrade. To take a positive approach towards Application Integration you need to budget for the time and resources at the beginning of your project and remember Application Integration will still continue when the project has finished. We can help. Having gained experience within enterprise environments, Openbox can offer you a different dimension than others can possibly achieve, with our extensive knowledge of application packaging processes.

The Application Repackaging process includes:

  • Gathering information on every application, including source files, installation procedures, configuration specifics, test scripts, and technical dependencies, such as license keys and registration information.
  • Analyzing your application with the existing desktop software configuration.
  • Creating unattended installation package for each application.
  • Creating custom actions to tailor the package to your environment.
  • Validating the application package against your pre-established guidelines and policies.
  • Managing conflict resolution.
  • Training and transferring knowledge to your IT Staff.
  • Providing an integration document that tracks package change histories, standards and issues that might affect performance.
  • Testing via standardized quality assurance(QA) and user acceptance testing(UAT) protocols.
  • Building installation from the ground up, including files, registry settings, DLL configurations, etc.
  • Upgrading/removing previous installations.

Service Levels offered

  • Application package only.
  • Application package and testing on client supplied VM image.
  • Application package and remote to client site for testing.
  • Application package, testing in house.
  • Customized service.

Why us?

  • Strong team of highly skilled and experienced Application Packagers.
  • Fast turnaround, since we specialize in application packaging and have experience.
  • Price per package makes it easier to budget.
  • No term contract, therefore you only pay for work performed and not for idle time.
  • Application packaging experience in a large scale environment.
  • Development of packaging standards and processes including Discovery, Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing.