Openbox Solutions IncorporatedPC Evergreening

Evergreening is based on a three or four year lifecycle, where three or four year old PCs are replaced with new ones. The old PCs are decommissioned, donated or recycled.

Using Openbox for your Evergreening needs will simplify the process for you by handling it from start to end. We have a per PC pricing structure. This enables you to establish a rock solid budget for upgrading your hardware. When combined with our 100% workmanship guarantee, you can be confidently assured that your upgrades will be completed on time and within your set budget. Peace of mind for a Project or IT Manager.

Openbox will work with your IT staff to develop a custom solution based on your current processes. We will perform the upgrades based on your needs, whether they are performed off hours, on weekends, at a remote location or during a national meeting.

The Evergreening process includes:

  • Contacting the user to schedule the PC Evergreen.
  • Gathering information such as applications and printers installed on the PC to be replaced.
  • Imaging of the new PC with the company standard operation environment.
  • Transfer of the user's data.
  • Installation of additional software.
  • Removal of the old hardware.
  • Explanation of any new features available for the new hardware.

Service Levels offered

  • Delivery of new computer.
  • Imaging and delivery of new computer.
  • Imaging, delivery and additional software installation.
  • Imaging, delivery, additional software installation and data migration.
  • Customized service.

Why us?

  • Strong team of highly skilled and experienced analysts.
  • Price per PC makes it easier to budget.
  • Evergreening experience in a large scale environment.
  • Experience with large scale off-site deployments.