Openbox Solutions IncorporatedDesktop Engineering

We know how time and resource intensive today’s image management has become. As your IT environment grows, so does the complexity and burden of ongoing image development and management. Ensuring a consistent software build throughout an organization is one of the most expensive and time-consuming tasks facing any IT organization. Managing multiple client images for a range of hardware platforms and functional groups can be challenging.

To help you meet these challenge head on, Openbox offers a range of services that cover your image development needs. By outsourcing your image management, your IT staff can focus on more strategic business issues — like aligning your IT infrastructure to the needs of your business. Allow your IT resources to spend less time on image management and more time on more value-added IT activities.

The Engineering process includes:

  • Creation of corporate standard operating environment image(s).
  • Ongoing management of customer corporate image(s) including hardware and driver management, and customer initiated updates.
  • Changes to service pack levels.
  • Security-related patches and updates.
  • Software updates and changes.
  • Addition or removal of software applications.<
  • Configuration settings and changes.

Service Levels offered

  • Image Build.
  • Image build with quarterly updates.
  • Customized service.

Why us?

  • Strong team of highly skilled and experienced analysts.
  • Experience in a large scale environment.